PC Plus points redemption no longer available for gift cards, and what you can do

Source: https://www.pcplus.ca/loyaltySecureTerms.jsp?_requestid=106891

Starting May 11th, PC Plus points can no longer be redeemed towards gift cards in store, making this loyalty program much less attractive to me.

If you don't play with this points program, stay away and never consider PC MasterCard series.

If you have been shopping in PC grocery stores, here is my advice.

  • Redeem your points every now and then. They don't have value until you use it.
  • Use your points towards grocery shopping, or in The Mobile Shop towards the down payment for a cell phone contract.
  • Find alternative grocery stores and learn to use their loyalty program.
  • If you are using PC MasterCard series, you can still keep it since there is no annual fee. But you might consider other credit cards that you can cash out the rewards in a more flexible way.
  • If you are not using PC MasterCard series, I am not recommending applying for it. Under the change of PC Plus program, you are actually forced to change your shopping behaviour, which is definitely not good for saving. 

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