Quick Tutorial: How to Bank Up with Tangerine and Earn up to $176.5 Sign-up Bonus


Tangerine is still offering 'Deposit $100 and get $50 bonus'. And with online cashback such as GreatCanadianRebates (GCR), you could get another $24+2.5 until August 30th. You incentive is from $76.5 to $176.5. It is easy.

First thing first. You need Social Insurance Number (SIN), a Canadian ID (driving license or Provincial ID and a SIN confirmation/renewal letter (from Service Canada) or a T4 form.

Step 1 - Register a GCR account https://www.greatcanadianrebates.ca/Register/

You might put in my email admin@muncnstu.com and get $2.5 sign up bonus from GCR. Thanks!

Step 2 - Go here https://www.greatcanadianrebates.ca/details/Tangerine-Chequing/ Hit 'Apply Now'

Step 3 - Click 'Open an Account'

Step 4 - After you put everything in, remember to put in Orange Key 47670666S1 This makes sure that you get $50 for signing up, instead of $25.

Step 5 - Finish the remaining blanks. Don't be too serious, since you are not applying to any credit service...

Step 6 - The webpage might ask you to verify your identity in two ways. One is to bring several items (the webpage will tell you) to a postal office. The other way is to write yourself a $100 cheque in designated format, and deposit it using Tangerine Mobile app. Chances are that you don't need to do either of them. It all depends.

Step 7 - You might use e-transfer to deposit the $100. The $50 bonus will be there in one or two days. If the identity verification is done through a $100 cheque, you are good to go, too.

(Optional) Step 8 - Change your payroll information at your employer. After 3 monthly deposits, you get another $100 bonus.

After collecting all the bonus, you might withdraw the money through any Scotiabank ABM, transfer it, or use it to pay any bill to cash out.

That's it!

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