Boost Your Credit Card Cashback with Drop

Credit cards we are using usually come with 0.5~2% cashback. Now there is an innovative smartphone app called 'Drop', which gives rewards by looking into how you shop with credit cards. 'Drop' is awarded among CIX TOP 20 COMPANIES in 2016.

So, how to save money and earn rewards with Drop?

You need to download the app, first.

Register a Drop account with my SUPER user referral code muncnstu to start with 1,000 points($1)!

Trick #1 - Earn points with daily purchase

Once you sign up and link with your credit card, Drop will ask you to select 5 merchants. My choices are Cineplex/McDonald's/Shoppers/Tim Horton's/Starbucks.
For example, I spend $1.05(tax in) for a cup of coffee at McDonald's. Several days later, Drop noticed this purchase and gave me 21 points. Starting at 2,000 points, you are able to redeem various gift cards, such as $2 Amazon gift card. So, for McDonald's/Tim Hordon's, $1 spending gets 20 points=$0.02 gift card (sort of). That's 2% cash back! For Cineplex/SDM/Starbucks, that's 1%! Please note that, this is on top of you credit card cash back!

Trick #2 - One-time offer

If you think the additional 1~2% is not that attractive, look at these one-time offers. And this is the most interesting part of Drop!

When Drop knows how you shop everyday, it will send you some one-time offers according to your purchase appetite. If it is what you are looking for, that's a good deal. For example, I got a 'Best Buy, 10,000 pts for $50 spent' offer. 10,000 pts get me $10 gift card, so that's 20% cash back!

And, think of this - Drop gives points by the amount on credit card statement, which means Drop doesn't know what you've bought...If I simply buy a $50 gift card at Best Buy for the example above, I also get the point rewards. I can use the gift card after the offer expires. And that's what I did. 

You can imagine a little bit for 'spend any amount' offers yourself...

Trick #3 - Share your offer

Sometimes, Drop sends you an one-time offer you don't want, but your friend do. And vice versa. What you can do? SHARE it! Simply hit the 'share offer' button in the offer, and choose to send by SMS, facebook, twitter or whatever. After receiving the share link, visit it on the Drop-installed cellphone. If you are using Android, you should be brought to Drop immediately; if iOS, you might be brought to App Store first, but just hit OPEN. You should be able to see the shared offer in a few minutes. Again, Drop doesn't know what you've bought.
I'll share some attractive offers in the comment area below.

You can imagine a little bit if you have more than one iOS/Android device...

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